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Check out Sarah's review about us!
Sarah took our Mastermind course last year (2021) and upgraded her design skills and understandings, online portfolio and got her dream job with Fidelity Investments as their new UX Designer.

Who is this for?


Junior Designers

Stop getting looked over; claim your place as sought-after Top UX Talent.

Career Transitioners

Solidify your new career in UX/UI design with attractive Top Notch skills.

Talent Observers

Pick from the top-shelf of amazingly qualified UX/UI design talent.

Boosted Skills

We provide you with the skill building activities, industry tools, and attractive design projects  to get employers looking for you.

1:1 Evaluations

Get frequent 1:1 sessions with Jordan and Kieanna to get personalized assistance and guidance.

Real User Testing 

Prepare & implement industry-based Research Plans and user testing for your design ideas with real people.

Team Figma

Use our Team Figma account to see team member's designs + share your own work to spark team discussions.

Access to the Video Library

Take our mini-courses when you’re done with your homework or watch past sessions that you missed.
There are some people in this world that make this world a better place. Not only is he a wonderful Person, but also a perfect mentor and a professional UI/UX designer. 

It is an honor to call him my mentor.

Afrouz Azadi

Jordan helps to clarify my confusion and make complicated concepts easy to understand through which I feel I am not walking on this path by myself.

I highly recommend Jordan as a UX mentor who is very dedicated to help others to achieve their dream. 

King Chan
Hong Kong

Premier 1-on-1 Career Support

Saturday group calls, replays of past sessions, access to our private team community, 1:1 evaluations, plus
Q&A chats with active recruiters and more.

Learn the Secret Industry Access Keys

Talks with Recruiters

Join special events to speak with actual recruiters for Q&A sessions, and talks on what they’re looking for

FREE Templates & Guides

We provide useful templates and guides to help you along with your different assignments.

...and so much more

Opportunities to get hired from our growing network with recruiters and present yourself + your work to business owners like Kieanna McCloud, herself.
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Meet your Head Coach

Jordan Robinson

Jordan has a collective of 15 years in designing various experiences for multiple industries in small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses. In that time, he and his wife, Kieanna, have lived all over the U.S. developing themselves in their craft.

Now, Jordan and Kieanna are sharing their deep passion for  helping junior and career-transitioning designers by providing "Team ALL IN", a program for developing the skills and industry understandings of their members in becoming holistic designers.

Jordan's personal mission is to help 1 million aspiring designers find their inner-genius of the craft and get into their first UX/UI roles.

I offer a 100% Guarantee to members who are 100% ALL IN it to win it.
Meet your Brand Therapist

Kieanna McCloud

Combining business with artistry is an absolute must for creatives! (Wise words from a great friend).

Since starting out as a freelance creative in 2008, Kieanna has spent over 12 years creating stories, collaborating, deep diving and building brands with artists, organizations and businesses large and small.

Her methodology and combination of marketing, design, and transformative tactics have been used for million-dollar product launches, helping individuals discover their voice within their industries, and most importantly creating “the experience”.

She also helps out on "Team ALL IN" when she has time. When she can, she's a dedicated and powerful mind for providing impactful advice for team members. She also joins in on 1:1 consulting services for members with her husband, Jordan.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect?

  • 13 Saturdays of group coaching discussions + Weekly homework
  • Private Community Chats and homework discussions
  • Making Frequent Design Presentations (Confidence Building)
  • Guest Coaches & Speakers sprinkled within the course
  • A "Growing" OnDemand video library of related topics
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • 1:1 Teachings and Evaluations to ensure you're reaching your goals.

What You'll Learn?

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Product Design
  • Brand Design
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Life Experience Design =
  • Secrets I've learned about this industry
  • Personal Branding Tips and Techniques
  • Photography Analysis Tips
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Holistic Design Practices
  • You'll have Better Understandings of:
  • What Recruiters are looking for
  • What Employers are looking for
  • How to Work and Communicate with Developers
  • How to build case studies.
  • Methods on how to format your resume
  • How to build an amazing online portfolio
  • And all sorts of insider Tips and Tricks I've learned throughout my 15-year career as a designer.

Why should you take this course?

  • You'll know more about what recruiters, employers and customers are looking for on a deeper level.
  • We'll do some actual user testing with our projects to really challenge our subjective hypotheses.
  • You'll develop friendships and team mates who you'll learn, struggle and grow with.
  • You'll have 1:1 talks with me and Kieanna to identify what you're struggling with and methods on how to solve it.
  • You'll learn to challenge your own designs every step of the way to define what really works and WHY!
  • You'll master Figma, auto layouts, modular design with design systems and components.
  • You'll learn how to master your job interviews and what they are looking for + what they're NOT looking for.
  • You'll hear from active recruiters to get advice from their side of things.

But most importantly, If you do the homework and develop your skills and presentations well enough, you may even get a job before graduating with either Aviena Sky (Kieanna's Company). one of our IT partnerships or from one of our guest recruiters looking to find designers like you.

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